Photo Magnets Melbourne – An Excellent Alternative To Photo Booth

Photo Magnets Melbourne – An Excellent Alternative To Photo Booth

These days couples who are getting married plan their own. DIY or Do it Yourself Weddings are also taking flight more than the usual garden, or rustic theme. At times, they even opt for a small place or their own home as the venue for the ceremony and reception for their guests.

There are lots of ideas on how you could save for your wedding. Who doesn’t want to save some right amount of money on wedding favours and photography? There is one sure thing that has all that in a package – roving photographer plus printed bombonieres that go together.

The advantage of having a roaming photographer is that there is no need to fill in vast space. Boutique style indeed, because the set up shall consume very little space usually just for the printer and the magnet board.

The roving photographer from the name itself shall be roaming around to take photos. Just like your official wedding photographer, he shoots photographs with ease, may that be indoors or outdoors.

The wedding favours are printed backstage for your guests to take on our magnet board. Plus, you will receive all the digital photos after the event.

No need for cues for the photography session since there is no photo booth, but a roving photographer. The one thing that a roving photographer has as an advantage with a photo booth is that everyone would have their photo in the most natural setting and at their convenience.

Interested in hiring our Photo Magnets service for your event? Click here. 

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