Event Photo Magnets Melbourne – Unique Way To Celebrate Your Event

Event Photo Magnets Melbourne – Unique Way To Celebrate Your Event

Have you seen VIPs on a Hollywood Red Carpet? It has been the ramp and runway of the who’s who in the world of entertainment. And to mortals like us it is likely a privilege to have photographers ambling around us to take snaps of our photos, however, not exactly to be posted on a magazine spread. But these photos are for us to have a memento on a certain important life event.

Well how does having a roving professional photographer works and one’s picture taken by one?

  • First Stop: Must know the photographer – a roving professional photographer is a far cry from the paparazzi of course. He or she asks for permission to take photos of hosts, guests, family members and kin and the celebrator/s.  His or her task is to move around the venue or reception to ensure that every precious moment and people captured through his lenses.
  • Taking photographs– once guests appear to agree, the photographer take photographs or if need be assist in making convincing poses for candid, funny, or dramatic yet spontaneous shots.
  • Review and edit– it is a good thing that today DLSR are usually being used to take photos, in that it would not take a couple days to edit, review and add finishing touches to a photo. Indeed, same day, on the day – few minutes would be the minimum to furnish a completely beautiful photograph. At least there is a trusty laptop to make magic.
  • Send Via Link– The photos could be sent online and/or a flash drive is provided to the client; and
  • Tangible Keep sake – a unique way of celebrating with the host of the event is to have photo magnets. Magnetic photo paper is used and in seconds a tangible remembrance could be posted on a board or wall intended for guests to view and even get their own copies.

These Photo Magnets are good souvenir for events because the client no longer has to spend additional funds. It is within the package; and in this Selfie and Group Selfie Age, Photo Magnets are well received because clearly nobody misses out on an all inclusive photography feature.

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